Win a Hopi Long Flute when you donate through Kickstarter

Gary Stroutsos has offered to donate one of his Hopi Long Flutes to this project, and everyone who pledges $20 or more through Kickstarter will be entered into a drawing for the instrument. A winner will be chosen at random after the Kickstarter campaign ends, and we'll mail you the flute. This is a replica of the oldest wind instrument known in North America, and represents an important chapter in the history of American music.

Did you know that over 1,000 years before the "Native American flute" we often hear was developed in the Dakotas that Hopi people were playing this obscure instrument? It's a relatively unknown story in Arizona and America, and something that Ongtupqa will help bring to light.

The Hopi Long Flute is very difficult to play since it doesn't have a reed or fipple, but its story is powerful and significant. Donate $20 or more today for your chance to welcome it into your home.

Matthew Nelson